Meet LINA is a cool 2233 NFTs one of the first most unique project about 197 countries. Meet Lina-NFT collection is all about supporting each other. The Meet LINA collection is all about paying respect to all the country’s out there and giving our love to each and everyone. What's more beautiful is to be united in a World with love & respect for each other.

Meet LINA-NFT collection that forms the basis for the 3D animatid gifs collection. This will be a project made by the community for the community. Wen you mint a Meet LINA-NFT you will get a free LINA MEETS-3D animated gif. Focusing on making an 3D animated gifs collection by providing amazing value to our NFT first owners of Meet LINA-NFT collection.

LINA stands for tender, friendly, gentle and kind, but also means united. A special phenomenon has Lina that occurs in approximately 20% of the world population and that are cute dimples in her cheeks. She inherited this from her grandmother from her father’s side. Lina loves to run, jump, build blocks and loves to play in the metaverse.


First: All owners and contributors to the development of the project will be primarily entitled to future features.

First 53 owners will decide what LINA in the 3D character animation will do. When you mint a Meet LINA you will be contacted via a tweet on Twitter. We discuss what you would like LINA to do in an animation. This can be done with or without an object.

First 2233 NFT(s) owners of Meet Lina get for each Meet LINA-NFT a free 3D character animated gif from the second 3D animations GIF collection of LINA MEETS with 5% royalty-fee for lifetime!

To be eligible as the first owner of Meet LINA-NFT you need to mint a Meet LINA or you have won in a giveaway. For those who have minted their wallet addresses are automatically traced and for those who participated in a giveaway, the wallet addresses to which the Meet LINA-NFT was sent will be used. These wallet addresses will be used for the whitelist spots for the second 3D animation GIF collection.

To be eligible for 5% royalty fee you need to mint 3D Animation gif from LINA MEETS-GIFs collection so that the smart contract can register you as the first owner.

Royaltee-fee give you 5 % percentage of the sale price each time your NFT is sold on a marketplace.

25 matic + gasfee.

No, There will be no limit to mint. You can mint as many as you want but you can only mint max 3 NFT at the time.

Yes! You wil be the First owner and if you sell it you dont loose your benefits.

1. Log in to the by clicking on the Polygon Bridge.
2. Next, you need to connect your Ethereum wallet. In this example, Metamask is used.
3. You'll be asked to sign a message to connect your MetaMask wallet to your Polygon wallet. This signature won't cost any fees. Double-check the URL to make sure you are on the correct website and click [Sign] to proceed. To send your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon, go to the deposit tab and click on the required token you want to bridge. Enter the amount and click transfer. Read the notes on the following page and click continue. You will then be directed to agree to the estimated gas fees and click continue.
4. You should be redirected to the Polygon Bridge interface. If not, click [Bridge] on the left menu bar. Once confirmed, you can check the transaction status on Etherscan.
5. To send your tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon, go to the [Deposit] tab. Click on the token name to choose the token to bridge. In this example, we'll use ether (ETH). Enter the amount and click [Transfer].
6. Read the important notes and click [Continue] when you are ready.
7. You'll also see the estimated gas fee for this transaction. If you are ok with the gas costs, click [Continue] to proceed.
8. Review your transaction details, including the token amount and the estimated transaction fee, before clicking [Continue].
9. You'll then be prompted to sign and approve the transfer in your MetaMask wallet. Check if the details are correct and click [Confirm].
10. Once confirmed, wait for the tokens to arrive in your Polygon wallet. You may click [View on Etherscan] to check the transaction status.
11. After following step 1 to 10 you can press on connect button with your Polygon network on this website and connect again until it changes the text to connected en ready to mint now you can mint a Meet LINA-NFT.

Once you have minted a Meet LINA-NFT, you will be able to see it on OpenSea in your account.